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Fire extinguisher and fire safety training
hands on and practical training to ensure that you are ready in the event of a fire.

Fire extinguisher training

the proper way

to tackling a fire in an emergency

It’s important for your employees to have the right instruction and training to help prevent fires. The proper use of a fire extinguisher is vitally important, as well as knowing when not to use it.

With over 30 years of experience, Surefire Safety can provide the proper fire safety training you need for your business. When people are properly trained, they’re more likely to react quickly and appropriately should a fire occur. Trained personnel are also more likely to report any safety hazards in your business.

We work throughout Devon and Cornwall and are based in Torquay, South Devon.

Fire Warden

Fire Warden

Within any commercial setting, it’s a legal requirement for certain members of staff to be trained in fire safety procedures – becoming your environment’s designated fire wardens as a result.

Have your staff received extinguisher training?
We help business owners meet all fire safety requirements by ensuring their employees have professional extinguisher training.

Do you need fire safety training?

Probably everyone in an office knows where a fire extinguisher is.  But how many people know how to use it?

In the unfortunate event of a fire breaking out, it’s vital to have someone on site who knows what they are doing.

First and foremost it is the law. Fire extinguisher training has been the law since 2005 and every office needs at least one person who has been on a course. The person who has been on the training is usually appointed as the fire warden or marshall and generally needs to be a permanent member of staff. Most businesses, to cover for when staff are off, ensure that more than person is trained in fire awareness and are appointed as a Fire Warden.

Training for using a fire extinguisher doesn’t just involve how a certain device operates but includes understanding of how fires start and what helps them spread within a building. It also arms you with the tools to assist with the development and implementation of a comprehensive fire safety strategy including emergency evacuation arrangements.

Confidence and reducing risk

When an employee knows what to do because they have had the proper training, they’re more likely to be confident in dealing with an outbreak of fire in a safe and controlled fashion. Training also provides staff with the knowledge of the types of different fires and the sort of extinguisher that is best suited for tackling them. For instance, extinguishers can be of several types including water, dry powder, foam and CarbonDioxide (CO2) and various specialist use extinguishers such as wet chemical, which is designed for fat and oil fires that can occur in a catering kitchen.

Checking fire safety signage

It is vitally important and a part of the legal responsibility, that buildings display all the correct signage associated with evacuation procedures, escape routes, and any equipment installed to assist tackling a fire.

We can help you by performing an audit of these items, confirming those that are correct and legal, and identifying any discrepancies and guiding you on how they need to be rectified.

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