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Fire Risk Assessor Torbay
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We are a team of approved, qualified and experienced risk assessor
who offer our expertise across the South West.
Fire Risk Assessor TorbayReputable & trusted assessors Fire Risk Assessor Torbayexperienced teamsFire Risk Assessor Torbay working across the south west
For many years, Surefire Safety Ltd have been helping business and building owners understand the importance of fire safety by specialising in: fire risk assessments, fire safety audits and fire safety training.

Our thorough surveys and training programmes ensure employees are meeting all law abiding requirements for fire safety and are not liable for the consequences, should anything happen.
Fire Risk Assessor Torbay
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The IFE is a registered charity bringing together some the UK's
most experienced, knowledgeable and reputable fire risk assessment companies.
Fire Risk Assessor Torbay
Our work has been nationally recognised
As a member of the IFE it means that we have been nationally recognised for the thorough and comprehensive fire protection services that we offer to businesses across the South West.
Fire Risk Assessor Torbay
It means we are qualified for the job
The IFE certifies only genuine companies who have a proven track record in the industry. This approval of the IFE shows we are a reliable company and can be trusted for our advice.
Fire Risk Assessor Torbay
It means you can trust us for our services
Because of proven track record in the industry and approval of the IFE, business up and down the South West trust in our assessors to provide them with accurate & unbiased advice.
Fire Risk Assessor Torbay
Prompt and accurate risk assessments
The IFE have recognised our risk assessors as providing prompt and thorough assessments that clearly highlight what businesses need to do to ensure their building is up to code.
Trustworthy fire risk assessors
Our risk assessors are trustworthy, experienced and provide businesses owners with genuine and unbiased advice.
At Surefire Safety Ltd we provide businesses and building owners unbiased and genuine fire protection advice that ensures they are meeting all UK laws for fire safety.

Our advice, experience and competence is why so many business owners up and down the South West trust in our fire risk assessors to help them with their fire safety. If you need to update your current fire risk assessment or seeking advice on what you need to do to ensure your business is better protected against fire, please get in touch with our Torbay team today.
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